Motion #10

Law Reform - Theft Related Offences

This law reform motion will cover a group of legislation changes that cover theft, robbery, burglary and aggravated burglary. As part of this, the existing theft law will include asset forfeiture, the breaking and entering law will be substituted for burglary and two new pieces of legislation covering robbery and aggravated burglary will be appended to section 11.

Law 11.5 is currently:

11.5 Breaking and Entering

Any person entering private property without permission of the owner or publicly restricted area by means of force or by causing damages to possessions or the property.

Felony - liable to 4 years maximum imprisonment and $4,000 maximum fine.

This motion proposes that the law is changed to:


Rank Option Votes Share Visual
#1 Change the laws to include the proposed changes 25 83.3%
#2 Do not change the laws 5 16.7%
Total - 30 100% -